Shooting Instruction


With many years’ experience, John loves to help and encourage all levels of shooting enthusiasts to improve their performance.  Introducing youngsters into our sport is a particular pleasure.


It is important for beginners (of any age) to start off on the right foot.  John would recommend starting with a lesson or two, rather than waiting till bad habits have started to form before calling for help!  You won’t need a gun (or a shotgun certificate) to begin with.


Safety and responsible gun handling are always top of the list.  If you start off doing it right, it will become second nature as your experience grows. 


John can advise with all aspects of your shooting, whatever your level, with sessions tailored to your specific requirements, for clays or game.  As well as individual lessons, usually at the renowned Roundwood Shooting Ground in Hampshire, he spends many days in the field, helping shooters of all ages to get the most out of a magical day’s game shooting.


John’s experience, his 4x4 and Shaka the labrador are all at your disposal - just tell us where and when you are shooting!